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Stage is Yours Youngsters Concert 2009

Keremcem, Şevval Sam, Yalın and Cihat Aşkın shared the same stage with young talents in the concert titled “Stage Your Children” organized by the Contemporary Education Foundation.

The Contemporary Education Foundation discovers talented young people in the fields of painting, literature and other culture and arts, especially music and supports them to become cultural and artistic ambassadors around the world. Young Talents Project organized a concert called ‘Stage Your Children’ on Monday, May 31, 2010 at Hagia Eirene.

The concert organized to support the education of young talents from various cities in Turkey. Talented young people who have previously represented our country in many concerts abroad took the stage. During the night, the art consultant of Contemporary Education Foundation Cihat Aşkın, the founder of CAKA, the young talents were accompanied by the Samsun State Opera and Ballet Symphony Orchestra codnucted by Tolga Taviş and famous names such as Keremcem, Sevval Sam and Yalın shared the stage as. well.