Born in 1997 in Adana. She started music education by playing violin at the age of 6 at the Cukurova University State Conservatory with Daniya Kainova and she continued with Marina Kvlividze between October 2010-September 2012. From September 2012 she studied at Bilkent University Music and Performance Faculty, Music and Performance High School with Muhammedjan Turdiev, and she graduated in June 2015. In 2007 she qualified to join Dogus Children’s Symphony Orchestra conducted by Rengim Gokmen and she played in many concerts in Turkey and abroad. She performed as soloist at the age of 12 with Cukurova State Orchestra.

Competitions and Prizes
• 2018 Shining Stars Concert Series from İş Sanat/ Meriç Soylu 3rd prize
• 2018 İKSV ‘’Tomorrow’s Woman Stars’’ Support Fund for young woman musicians
• 2017 1. Suna Kan Violin CompeHHon/ 3rd Prize and ‘Best InterprataSon of the
Turkish Piece’’ prize
• 2014 InternaHonal Arthur Grumiaux Violin CompeHHon for Young Violinists,
Belgium/ 1st Prize
• 2013 – 55. Kocian Violin CompeHHon, Czech Republic/ 3rd Prize
• 2011 Varna Summer Violin CompeHHon, Bulgaria/ 3rd Prize
• 2010  M.U ‘’Gülden Turalı’’ 4. NaHonal Violin CompeHHon/ 1st Prize and ‘’Best
InterpretaSon of the Turkish Piece’’ prize
• 2010 ‘’Emil Kamilarov’’ InternaHonal Young Violin Virtuosos CompeHHon, Bulgaria / 2nd Prize

Masterclasses and Festivals

• 2015 – Bilkent Violin Days (Ankara), masterclass with Itzhak Rashkovsky and Lutsia Ibragimova
• 2014 – ISA Summer Academy, (Semmering, Austria) – masterclass with Shmuel
Ashkenasi and Tanja Becker-Bender
• 2010-2014 – ‘’March Music Days’’ InternaHonal Music FesHval (Ruse,Bulgaria),
masterclass with Mintcho Mintchev
• 2014 – Akademi İKSEV (İzmir), masterclass with Dora Schwarzberg
• 2014 – Masterclass with Svetlin Roussev, (Adana)
• 2013 – Masterclass with Guy Braunstein, (Bilkent, Ankara)
• 2010-2014 – ‘’ Varna Summer’’ InternaHonal Music FesHval (Bulgaria), masterclass with Mintcho Mintchev

• 2010 – Klasik Keyifler (Kapadokya), masterclass with Özcan Ulucan and Ellen Jewe
• 2009 – CAKA (Beypazarı, Ankara), masterclass with Cihat Aşkın

Solo Concerts with Orchestras

• 2020 – Folkwang Kammerorchester/ Vivaldi- Concerto Grosso for two violins and cello, Conductor: Maurice Steger
• 2018 – Bilkent Symphony Orchestra / Vivaldi- Concerto for Four Violins, Torelli-
Concerto for Four Violins, Conductor: Fawzi Haimor
• 2018 – Antalya State Symphony Orchestra/ Film Musics Concerts, Conductor: Gints Glinka
• 2018 – Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Symphony Orchestra/ Bo]esini – Gran
Duo Concertante, with İlker Cankara, Conductor: Patrick Souillot
• 2018 – Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra/ Film Musics Concert, Conductor: Gints Glinka
• 2018 – Hace\epe University Symphony Orchestra/ TRT Radio Concert, Mozart- Violin Concerto No.1, Conductor: Murat Göktaş
• 2015 – Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra/ Chausson – Poeme, Conductor: İbrahim Yazıcı
• 2014 – IKSEV FesSval Orchestra/ Bach- Concerto for Two Violins, with Tuncay Yılmaz / Conductor: Orhun Orhon
• 2014 – Bilkent Symphony Orchestra/ Chausson – Poeme, Conductor: Artun Hoinic
• 2013 – Ankara Philharmonie Orchestra/ Vivaldi Four Seasons – Winter, Conductor: Orhun Orhon
• 2013 – Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra/ Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, Conductor: Murat Göktaş
• 2012 – Bursa State Symphonie Orchestra/ Wieniawski- Violin Concerto No.2, Conductor: İbrahim Yazıcı

• 2012 – İzmir State Symphony Orchestra/ Vitali- Chaccone, Conductor: Aytuğ Ülgen
• 2011 – PresidenSal Symphonie Orchestra/ Lalo – Spanish Symphonie, Conductor: Burak Tüzün
• 2009 – Çukurova State Symphonie Orchestra / Mozart- Violin Concerto No.3,
Conductor: Hakan Kalkan

Recitals, Chamber Music and Orchestra Concerts

• 2020 Concert in Cologne Philharmonie Hall with Junge Philharmonie Köln Orchestra
• 2018 Resital at Mozarthaus Ankara
• 2015-2017 Orchestra Concert at Essen Philharmonie Hall
• 2016 Performed Wieniawski caprice for two violins op.18 at Master’s Concert, Bilkent Violin Days, with Famous Violinist Mintcho Mintchev.
• 2015 Performed Tchaikovsky A Minor Piano Trio with Başar Can Kıvrak (Piano) and Şansu Alfnok (cello) at Bilkent Concert Hall.
• 2015 Orchestra Concert with Bilkent Youth Symphony Orchestra at Beethoven Halle in Beethoven FesSval, Bonn.
• 2015 Premiere of Kerem Tuncer’s ‘’Ysaye Suite’’ for 2 violins at ‘’Sesin Yolculuğu’’
Young Composers FesSval in Süreyya Opera, İstanbul.
• 2007-2008 member of Doğuş Çocuk Symphony Orchestra

Since 2015, Ezgi Su continues her music education at the Folkwwang Universitat der Kunstede, Essen in violin class of Prof.Mintcho Mintchev. Her education is supported by CEV Sanat since 2018 under CEV Sanat’s Young Talents project. She is the first violinist for the Velvet Quartet with which she held many concerts and won international prizes. She is the second violonist for the Essen Chamber Quartet since 2021. Ezgi Su is scheduled to perform Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto together with Cukurova State Symphony Orchestra in 2023.

She currently plays a violin made by Peter Grenier , granted to her for her outstanding achievements by Folkwang University Fund.


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