Born in Adana in 1997. He started taking piano lessons at the age of 6 from Can Coker. Aside from his career as a pianist, Cem Esen is also a composer whereby he has composed to date over 90 composition under opus 26.


-2005-2010 He practiced with Can Çoker in Çukurova State Conservatory in Adana.

-2010-2015 He practiced with Metin Ülkü in Mimar Sinan Fine Art University in Istanbul.

-2015- to date, he is practicing with Roland Krüger in Hannover Hochschule für Musik.

Instructors  in the masterclasses he attended:

Prof. Peter FLORIAN, Emre ŞEN, Stefan KOVACEVICH, Prof. Andrej DUTKIEVICH, Diana ANDERSON, Alan WEISS, Johann SCHMITH, Jun KANNO, Gülsin ONAY, Fazıl SAY, Andrea LUCCESSINI ve Ludmil ANGELOV.


He was invited to IKSV Festival in 2012 and performed in two piano concerts with Gülsin Onay. In the same year, he was invited to the 13th Antalya Piano Festival. He was invited to the 18th Antalya Piano Festival in 2017 and performed the first performance of the 1st Piano Sonata, written on the request of Gürer Aykal, at this concert. In 2018 he was invited to the Sofia Music Festival  and his recital was broadcasted on the national radio. 

He released 6 Albums and 2 singles since 2019.

Prizes from Piano Competitions:

  • 2010 International 5. Pera Piano Competition 2nd Prize,
  • 2010 Başkent University National F. Chopin Piano Competition 2nd Prize,
  • 2011 6.Pera Piano Competition 3rd Prize and “The Best Chopin Performance” Prize,
  • 2011 International F. CHOPIN Piano Competition in Jelenia Gora/Poland Finalist,
  • 2012 1th Ahmet Adnan SAYGUN Piano Competition in Gümüşlük/Turkey 1th Prize,
  • 2012 7. Kazakhistan Delphi Games Piano Competition Bronze Medal,
  • 2013 Maria Herrero Piano Competition in Spain 3rd Prize,
  • 2014 Chopin Piano Competition in Narva/Estonia Finalist and “Most Original Performance” ödülü,
  • 2014 International Young Musician Piano Competition in Enschede/Holland “Best Contemperory Piece Performance” Prize,
  • 2015 Vedat Kosal Piano Competition in İstanbul/Turkey 2nd Prize,
  • 2015 Malta Piano Competition 3rd Prize and Jury Special Prize.
  • .2020 T.O.Y.P Cultural Success, 1st Prize


Solo Piano Pieces:

  • Fantaisie Polonaise Op.3
  • Piano Sonata No.1 Op.4
  • 7 Little Impromptus Op.6
  • Free Variations Op.7
  • Piano Sonata No.2 Op.8 (4 Mov.)
  • Nocturne No.1 Op.11
  • 12 Waltzes Op.15
  • Ballade (for Piano) Op.17
  • Canon with 4 Voices (Quarantine Diaries Op.19 No.2)
  • Etude No.1 for Piano (Quarantine Diaries Op.19 No.4)
  • Lullabies No.1-4
  • Preludes No.1-4
  • A Prelude (Quarantine Diaries Op.19 No.1)
    • Cello Sonata Op.23
    • Elegy (for Violin&Piano) Op.2
    • Romance (for Cello&Piano) Op.5
    • 9 Tragic Lieder (for Mezzo Soprano) Op.9
    • 9 The Evening Sun Lieder (for Tenor) Op.12
    • Fantasy (for Trombon&Piano) Op.13
    • Flute Sonata No.1 Op.14
    • Flute Sonata No.2 Op.18
    • Nocturne for Bassoon&Piano (Quarantine Diaries Op.19 No.3)
    • Little Pavane for Violin&Piano (Quarantine Diaries Op.19 No.6)
    • Fantasy on theme of 2 Ballads for Brass Quintet Op.20
    • Vals for Violin (Quarantine Diaries Op.19 No.7)
    • Cosmic Variations (2 Piano Transcription) Op.10
    • Sarı Gelin Transcription for 2 Violin&Piano
    • Ayrılık Song Transcription for Trombon&Piano Transcription
  • Brass Quintet için Fantezi Op.20


  • 9 Tragic Lieder Op.9 (Mezzo-Soprano)
  • 9 The Evening Sun Lieder Op.12 (Tenor)
  • Symphonic Pieces:
  • Cosmic Variations Op.10 (Piano & Orch.)
  • Symphony No.1 Op.16
  • Symphonic Ballet Suite


Prelude & Fugue for Choir

Solo Instrumental Pieces:

  • 2 Caprises (Solo Violin)
  • Scherzo (Solo Violin)
  • Prelüd (Solo Violoncello)
  • Kayıp Köy (Solo Flute)
  • The Blue Fairy Preludes Op.21 (Solo Flute)
  • ”Bla.. Bla..” Piece (Solo Bassoon) (Quarantine Diaries Op.19 No.5)

Esen has published more than 80 compositions until today. There are 23 artwork numbers under the

Opus number. He created and adopted the style of “Contromantism” in his compositions.


  • Trajik Liedler Op.9 (Nov. 2019/Album) Ayşe Ece Güneşşen-Cem Esen 
  • Akşam Güneşi Liedleri Op.12 (Jan. 2020/Album) Alp Utku-Cem Esen 
  • Cem Esen: Flute Sonata No.1 Op.14 (June 2020/Single) Cem Önertürk-Cem Esen
  • FLUTOPIA (Jan. 2021/Album) Cem Önertürk-Cem Esen
  • Brahms & Esen Waltzes (March 2021/Album) Cem Esen
  • Voyages: Chapter Moscow(2021 Album) Poyraz Baltacıgil&Cem Esen
  • Voyages: Chapter Istanbul(2021 Album) Elvin Hoxa Ganiyev& Cem Esen
  • Elegy, Jamal Aliyev& Cem Esen (2021 Single)



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