• Vibraphone • Marimba


Londra Purcell Okulu

  • Born in 2003
  • She started her music education when she was 6 years old.
  • She gave her first concert as a soloist at the age of 11 with the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra.
  • In 2019, Beste Gürkey was selected as “The Wall Trust” and “Austin & Hope-Pilkington” scholarship holders of the UK’s leading art foundations and received two separate Honor Awards.
  • Beste, the Oke Cajon Endorser, was selected as the Istanbul Mehmet cymbals Endorser in 2020, and signature series special cymbals are made on its behalf.
  • Young Percussion Virtuoso Beste Gürkey entered in 13 national and international competitions until the age of 15; The young artist, who was deemed worthy of 12 First Place, 2 Second Place, 3 Third Place, 2 Best Commentator Awards, as well as two different Foundation Honorary Awards in the UK in 2019, successfully represents our country with 24 awards.
  • The percussion instruments, which are usually played with 2 drumsticks, she is able to play with 6 drumsticks. Beste plays, classical percussion, her master instruments being Vibrafon and Marimba; she can also use Latin American, African and Turkish percussions.
  • Today, she continues her education in The Purcell Music School High School in England.

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